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Recent trends in motorcycle fatalities

Motorcycles will always be more dangerous than passenger cars. The statistics make this all too clear, year in and year out. For instance, if you look at the fatalities per miles driven, deaths are about 28 times as common on bikes as they are in cars. Quite simply, cars offer types of protection that motorcycles cannot offer.

What are the most common motorcycle injuries?

With the Ohio summer getting ready to give way to fall, you likely are availing yourself of every possible opportunity to ride your bike before bad weather once again limits your riding opportunities. While you enjoy the call of the open road, however, never forget that unlike a car or truck, your motorcycle offers you no protection whatsoever in the event you wreck.

What are the biggest dangers to motorcyclists?

Ohio motorcyclists like you understand that riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous endeavor. However, there are certain factors you may run into on the road that can increase your chances of potentially getting into a crash. These are things you may want to keep an eye out for, if possible.

Ways to find a safer motorcycle

The small size of a motorcycle leaves the vehicle and its rider more vulnerable to auto crashes and serious injury. One of the keys to decreasing the risk of an accident on Ohio roads is to have a bike that is easy to handle and fits you well. Consumer Reports recommends that if you should sit down on a bike to test its feel and fit, there are some things to pay attention to so you can find the best possible motorcycle that you can handle.

Ohio hopes to reduce buggy accidents by widening roads

A 23-year old Amish woman, her husband and their two children were thrown from a buggy last year after a drunk driver hit them and attempted to flee the scene. Tragically, the woman died at the scene, according to a local news report. The year before, an Amish family of five sustained injuries when their buggy was rear ended by an older driver. Tragically, these types of accidents have not been uncommon in Ohio; however, the state is now taking action.

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