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Ways to find a safer motorcycle

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

The small size of a motorcycle leaves the vehicle and its rider more vulnerable to auto crashes and serious injury. One of the keys to decreasing the risk of an accident on Ohio roads is to have a bike that is easy to handle and fits you well. Consumer Reports recommends that if you should sit down on a bike to test its feel and fit, there are some things to pay attention to so you can find the best possible motorcycle that you can handle.

First, when you seat yourself on the bike, your feet should rest flat on the ground. Your feet should not be on tiptoes. If they are, this indicates a motorcycle that is too high for you and will be harder to handle. Similarly, the handlebars and bike controls should be easy to grab or to reach. Handlebars that are too far away will strain your muscles and make it harder to navigate the bike.

The motorcycle should also be easy to put on and off the center stand. You should not have to strain or struggle too hard. If the bike feels too heavy at first, it likely will continue to be too heavy for you to handle. Trying to get accustomed to it will tire you out, plus you will have added difficulty operating the motorcycle on the road.

Cheatsheet recommends that if you are buying your first motorcycle, it should be a cheap one. For one thing, almost half of motorcycle wrecks occur within the first six months of a motorcycle’s riding experience, so investing in an expensive bike is likely to send a lot of money down the drain if the motorcycle gets ruined. You want a bike that helps you gain experience as a motorcyclist, so a cheap beginner’s bike is a better bet.

Also, a more expensive bike is likely to be a more powerful one. If you are a beginner, riding a motorcycle with a powerful engine might be more than you can handle and lead to a crash. Once a novice biker has gained experience, the time may be right to consider purchasing a motorcycle with a more powerful engine, especially if the biker is looking to do some highway riding, as a strong engine will be needed to keep up with highway traffic.