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Recovering from a construction accident

Those employed in the construction industry often face numerous threats as they carry out their job responsibilities. For example, some people work with dangerous equipment, while others may find themselves in high places and at risk of falling. When things go wrong on the job, construction workers may have a very difficult time recovering both physically and financially. Moreover, the emotional side of these accidents should not be overlooked, either. If you have been injured in a job site accident, it is imperative to explore some of the options you may have, such as moving forward with a workers' compensation claim.

Although construction accidents can be incredibly challenging, many workers have been able to make a full recovery. Even those who are not able to return to work in their trade may be able to move forward in a new career and workers' comp benefits may help with training. Ultimately, it is essential for injured construction workers to stand up for their rights and be aware of the options they have. Furthermore, families who are struggling with the loss of someone they love may have options as well, such as death benefits provided by workers' comp.

The facts on turning right on a red light

Proper obedience to traffic signals is an important part of being a responsible driver on Ohio roads. When the light turns red, it is common knowledge to put on the brakes and stop at the intersection to wait for the green light to switch on. Some drivers may wonder if it is legal to make a right turn at a red light if there are no vehicles approaching that could cross into your turn path. Ohio law provides a solid answer to that question.

Section 4511.13 of Ohio’s traffic laws lay out the conditions for a right turn on red. When a motorist reaches an intersection where the traffic light has turned red, the driver is to stop. After coming to a halt, the driver is permitted to make a right turn under the same conditions as if the driver had stopped at a stop sign. If no other vehicle is approaching that has the right of way, the motorist may make the right turn.

Wrongful deaths: 2 types of awards can be made to the victims

A person's wrongful death is often an avoidable event. They may have gone to a medical provider for a general surgery and suffered from complications from medical errors. They might have been driving when they were t-boned by another driver. Regardless of the cause, their death shouldn't have happened and is now something you can file a lawsuit for.

A wrongful-death lawsuit is designed to help victims' families get compensation. There is a lower standard of proof in these cases, which means that even if there is no criminal case, the family and loved ones still have the opportunity to seek compensation. The lower standard of proof is very important, since criminal cases are sometimes difficult to prove.

Informed consent and emergency situations

Informed consent is the duty of an Ohio physician to communicate to a patient everything that patient needs to know about a medical treatment, including risks and alternative treatments, so the patient may best decide how to proceed. Informed consent is vital and must be sought by medical professionals, with the only exceptions pertaining to a life-threatening emergency where a person may not be able to grant consent to treatment.

FindLaw explains that informed consent depends on the competency of the patient. The patient must possess the mental capacity to make decisions on his or her own behalf. Some people, however, are not deemed competent under law to make such choices. In those cases, a surrogate must make the medical decisions instead. Minors and mentally impaired individuals generally need surrogates.

Ohio hopes to reduce buggy accidents by widening roads

A 23-year old Amish woman, her husband and their two children were thrown from a buggy last year after a drunk driver hit them and attempted to flee the scene. Tragically, the woman died at the scene, according to a local news report. The year before, an Amish family of five sustained injuries when their buggy was rear ended by an older driver. Tragically, these types of accidents have not been uncommon in Ohio; however, the state is now taking action.

Recently, the United States Department of Transportation awarded Ohio a $9.6 million grant to help reduce number of car accidents with buggies. In total, the project will cost over $14 million. One of the first project initiatives will be to widen the roads in Geauga County, which is in the top five largest Amish communities in the nation and is home to over 10,000 Amish people.

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