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Settlements & Verdicts

$250,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death

Proceeds consisted of $100,000 policy limits from Defendant/Tortfeasor, and $150,000 policy limits from Plaintiff’s underinsured motorist coverage.

$1.1 Million Settlement for Injured Police Officer

Defendant driver lost control of her vehicle, striking a police officer who was assisting victims of a prior motor vehicle accident, resulting in catastrophic, permanently disabling injuries. Proceeds consisted of $370,000 from Defendant/Tortfeasor, and $720,000 from Plaintiff’s underinsured motorist coverage.

$1.47 Million Settlement for Wrongful Death

Defendant driver was intoxicated, crossed the center line, causing a collision and killing a young woman. Global settlement included proceeds from Defendant/Tortfeasor’s insurance, and proceeds from Defendant/Tortfeasor’s employer.

$850,000 Settlement for Tractor Trailer Collision

Defendant/Tortfeasor negligently abandoned his trailer in the middle of a highway at night, left the scene, failed to notify the authorities and failed to place cones or road flares. Plaintiff tractor-trailer driver struck the abandoned trailer, resulting in catastrophic injuries, including facial disfigurement. Defendant/Tortfeasor’s employer paid $850,000 in proceeds for settlement.

$475,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death

A young man died of drowning after invited by Defendant to operate a jet ski on Defendant’s pond, which was unsafe due to heavy vegetation. Defendant negligently failed to provide a lifeguard, life preservers, rope, or safety equipment of any kind. At mediation, Defendant’s homeowners insurance paid $475,000 in proceeds for settlement.

$1 Million Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

Defendant/Tortfeasor, operating a tractor trailer, struck Plaintiff’s vehicle, resulting in catastrophic injuries.