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Prison time ordered for impaired driver

People who live in Ohio have good reason to be concerned about the continuing safety problem they and their loved ones face due to drivers who refuse to put away their keys when they drink or use drugs. Despite clear evidence that these behaviors are risky and even illegal after a certain point, numerous injuries and deaths are recorded every year due to the selfish choices made by impaired drivers.

Motorists involved in accidents caused by impaired drivers may wonder what consequences can be faced by these people. As reported by, there may well be cases in which criminal charges lead to incarceration and other penalties. Such is the case for a woman who caused an accident last summer during what she says was a failed suicide attempt.

In the middle of the day, the woman was driving in Richland Township in Allen County when she struck a vehicle carrying a husband and wife and their two children who were 10 and eight years old at the time. Fortunately, none of the family members were killed but the youngest child had to be taken via helicopter to a hospital and the other child was taken to the hospital via an ambulance.

The woman was found to be under the influence of a prescription drug and alcohol at the time of the crash. After entering into a plea deal with prosecutors, the woman will serve a prison sentence lasting 18 months and she will also lose her right to drive for five years.