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Retail workers face many dangers

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Workers' Comp

Despite frequently hearing about the Retail Apocalypse in the news, the retail sector continues to employ a vast amount of people. In addition to clothing stores and department stores, big box hardware stores and even grocery stores are considered retail.

According to a recent report, these workers face a number of dangers. Interestingly, those who work behind the butcher’s counter in grocery stores or other food retailers are prone to getting cut or scraped. After all, they deal with sharp knives and other equipment, including power saws.

As with other retail workers, they are also prone to strains and repetitive motion injuries when lifting or doing other work.

Hair stylists are another type of retail worker who are in a surprisingly dangerous occupation. They are prone to repetitive motion injuries, and a hair salon poses many risks for slipping and falling or tripping over a cord or other object.

Those who work in auto parts stores and in large hardware stores also report injuries at a relatively high rate among retail workers.

A lot of these injuries are related to heavy lifting, reaching, climbing or working from heights. Those in hardware stores also frequently operate dangerous equipment like saws and forklifts.

Overall, injuries related to lifting was the most common type of work-related injury reported. Lifting-related injuries accounted for 22% of all claims for workers’ compensation and accounted for 23% of all payouts for bills and lost time at work.

However, per claim, the highest average payout related to falls from a ladder or a height. Per claim, employers or their insurers paid $21,000 in medical bills and lost wages.

Retail workers form an important part of the Ohio economy, and they face a number of risks by doing so. Should a worker get hurt or sickened while at work, they may be able to get financial benefits through the state’s workers’ compensation system.