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Wrong-way driver triggers accident that kills two, injures six

Roads that follow a straight line for a significant distance can become a trap for inattentive drivers. Ohio’s extensive flat topography has many such roads, and they are often the scene of deadly traffic accidents. A recent collision in Lambertville, north of Toledo, offers a tragic example of how a supposedly straight, safe road can be the trigger for a fatal accident.

The crash

The incident occurred on Wednesday, July 30, when a westbound pickup truck crossed the center line and slammed into a Buick sedan carrying an elderly couple. The truck then hit a minivan carrying a family of six. The truck then hit a second minivan before coming to rest on the south shoulder of the road. The driver of the pickup was pronounced dead at the scene, as was the driver of the first minivan hit by the truck.

The aftermath

The two occupants of the Buick and the children riding in the first SUV were all taken to ProMedica Hospital in Toledo for treatment of their injuries. The driver of the minivan was listed in critical condition, and the others were described as being in stable condition. Police are continuing their investigation, and no criminal charges have been issued.

Legal recourse

Like many multi-vehicle accident, the cause of this collision is not obvious. The driver of the pickup truck may have been intoxicated or suffered a medical emergency. Occasionally, vehicle malfunction, such as a failed steering or braking mechanism, may be the principal cause. In any case, those who were injured and the survivors of those who died must await the completion of the police accident investigation. Anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in a similar may be anxious to commence a legal action for damages. A knowledgeable accident attorney can be very helpful. A competent attorney can evaluate the evidence, suggest legal strategies, and provide an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering.