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How do you prove fault after a car accident?

You were in a recent auto accident while navigating Ohio’s roads. You sustained a few injuries, and you want compensation from the at-fault driver. How do you prove the other driver bears fault for the accident?

News 9 offers tips for proving fault after a motor vehicle collision. Learn how to build a case and receive damages to cover your medical costs.

Gather evidence

Hopefully, you took images of the aftermath of the incident. If not, you can take pictures of the damage to your vehicle. If it is safe to do so, revisit the accident scene to snap pictures of the road conditions and traffic signs. Did the police come out to the scene? Use the police report as evidence if you have one.

Do not admit fault

Maybe you did not admit fault or apologize immediately after the collision. Continue doing so from now on if the other driver or an insurance company contacts you. Even if you strongly suspect you bear responsibility for what transpired, there could be elements at play that you do not know about that triggered the collision. Admit nothing until you have all the facts.

Look into traffic laws

Local traffic laws may help establish fault. An illegal U-turn, following too closely and speeding on the other driver’s part may be the reason for your injuries. You may need professional insight to learn and understand the latest traffic regulations.

Check for cameras

Businesses near the incident scene may have cameras that captured your collision. Ask around and see if you can view the footage and use it as evidence.