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What are some subtle signs of nursing home negligence?

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse

After you help your elderly loved one enter a nursing home, you may not think to look for signs that negligence is happening.

However, since older nursing home residents need more physical help with certain tasks, negligence is a serious concern for many of them. Staying aware of signs of this problem you may not think to look for at first can help your loved one.

Strange marks

According to Psychology Today, many older people need help getting into or out of their bed. This means that they are at risk of getting bedsores if the staff does not pay attention to them or assist them when they need to move.

You may also notice odd bruises or marks on their skin. These kinds of physical injuries can happen when older residents try to complete dangerous tasks because they cannot get help from the staff.

Unclean room area

When you enter your family member’s room in the nursing home, you may see several signs that the room is not taken care of regularly. The bedsheets and blankets could appear dirty and you could even notice bugs or other insects around the edges of the room.

Your loved one’s clothes could also be seriously wrinkled or smell unwashed. All of this and more can show that the staff does not provide quality care for them.

Specific complaints

If your family member is always complaining about feeling thirsty or not having enough to eat, it could signal that the staff is not providing enough water and food. Even if the residents do not realize it themselves, they could feel stressed because of underfeeding.

Staying aware of how negligence happens in nursing homes can help you make the best choice possible for your loved one.

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