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How video can support your personal injury case

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Injuries

A key factor in any injury settlement is the effect of that injury on your daily life. The more the injury has disrupted your life and limited your mobility, the greater the settlement you should seek. You might wonder how to showcase the effects of that injury.

A day in your life video is a great way to document the effect an injury has on your life.

How can a video help your injury case?

Testimony from your medical care team and copies of x-rays can provide details of your injuries for the court. Those types of evidence cannot clearly show how those injuries have altered your daily life. A video showcasing a day in your life can clearly illustrate the challenges that you face. This real-life example of the effects of the injury can influence your settlement amount.

What should you include in the video?

The goal of a video like this is to illustrate what your normal day is like after your injury. Include everything from getting out of bed and getting dressed to cooking, eating and any medical care you must receive. The more details you can show in your video, the more accurate the final case award is likely to be.

The goal of this video is to put your injuries into perspective for the members of the court. Hearing about an injury or treatment does not have the same effect as seeing it first-hand. When the court members can see the changes in your mobility and your lifestyle, it is easier to compensate you accordingly.