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A few reminders about ATV safety

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2023 | Boating And ATV Accidents

Many people in Ohio hop on all-terrain vehicles for outdoor fun. However, riders should remember that these machines are not toys and can cause severe harm.

ATVs are powerful and handle differently from cars and motorcycles, so operators should account for specific safety precautions.

Follow manufacturer recommendations and state laws

Each ATV has a minimum age recommendation that owners should follow. Additionally, Ohio requires youths under 12 to have the supervision of a parent or guardian while operating an ATV. Those from 12 to 16 can only ride without supervision on a parent or guardian’s private land.

Ohio does not allow a person to operate an ATV in the following locations:

  • State roads, except for emergency travel
  • State-owned land unless a sign gives permission
  • Railroad tracks
  • Private land without the owner’s permission

Law enforcement officials in Toledo and across the state are making an increased effort to stop the illegal operation of ATVs, so riders can avoid danger and legal troubles by obeying regulations.

Wear protective gear

ATVs expose riders to the elements and additional injury if an accident occurs. The correct clothing and gear are essential.

For example, pants and long sleeves provide better protection than shorts and T-shirts. Also, manufacturers recommend helmets and eye protection, which are a requirement for riders on state trails.

Inspect the vehicle

Riders should keep their vehicles in proper operating condition. Tires should have adequate air pressure, and the wheels should be secure. Owners and operators should ensure the throttle, brakes and foot shifter work well. The state also requires a headlight and red tail light.

Despite precautions, a rider may suffer harm due to someone’s negligence. Such carelessness could be from another rider, a property owner or a manufacturer. In these instances, the injured party might pursue compensation to cover damages.