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The dangers posed by inattentional blindness

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Despite the numerous safety features on cars these days, the number one best way to avoid a crash remains driver attentiveness.

Of course, it is quite hard to pay attention when dealing with inattentional blindness. But what exactly is this?

Defining inattentional blindness

Simply Psychology takes a look at inattentional blindness and its effects. This is a natural reaction that intends to allow the mind to focus on only the important tasks at hand. It essentially zeroes a person’s focus into one small point, blocking out all other information.

The dangers associated with inattentional blindness

While this works well in most daily scenarios, driving is not one of them. When driving, it is important to have a blanket awareness of one’s entire surroundings. Inattentional blindness blocks out a driver’s ability to perceive any threats that might approach from unexpected angles.

Because of this, a driver may get into crashes more easily. For example, a driver may focus on a stop light up ahead and miss an animal darting out into the road.

Ways to prevent inattentional blindness

In some ways, inattentional blindness is difficult to prevent because it is a natural phenomenon of the brain.

However, it is possible to cut down on mental distractions and other things that may interfere with a person’s ability to focus. This includes putting any electronics including the phone away and keeping an eye out for potential signs of hazards.

It may also help to drive defensively, i.e. always assume that other drivers are inattentive. This can help a driver avoid crash scenarios more easily.

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