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FedEx to pay former worker $5.3 million in retaliation case

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2019 | Workers' Comp

When people get injured at their job in Ohio, their employer upholds the responsibility to investigate the incident, help coordinate workers’ compensation payouts and be willing to accommodate and support their injured employee. Approaching these types of situations with attention to detail is critical to helping both parties reach an amicable solution that leaves neither suffering unnecessary damages. 

A recent case out of California illustrates how one employer’s unwillingness to provide accommodations resulted in them facing significant consequences. A Laguna Niguel man who had worked for FedEx at a couple of airport locations suffered a severe injury when a falling box landed on his head and impacted his spine. The resulting injury required the man to spend three days at a hospital and subsequently prevented him from continuing his previously assigned duties. When he notified his employer of his inability to drive work vehicles or lift boxes over 10 pounds, he was told that accommodations could not be made. Instead, a notice was given that required the man to resume his previously held duties within 90 days or lose his job altogether. 

Despite medical clearance, the man had lasting limitations and expressed his concern, but alleges that his employer actually increased his workload. When he filed a complaint stating that his case was a matter of retaliation, he was fired soon after. While FedEx maintains that the man was fired over insubordination to previously held agreements, a court ultimately agreed with the man and FedEx was recently told to pay the man $5.3 million for the incident. 

If people are struggling to get workers’ compensation from their employer despite their efforts to follow protocols, an attorney may be able to help. Legal professionals can address discrepancies in workers’ compensation policies and help victims of workplace injuries to acquire the compensation they deserve. 

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