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Collisions involving golf carts and LSVs can be serious

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As we move into spring and summer, more people will be out and about in golf carts and low speed vehicles (LSVs) at resorts, country clubs, in retirement communities, college campuses and more. While there are differences between golf carts and LSVs, it’s important to note that a collision in either one of them can result in serious injuries. That’s why those behind the wheel and others riding in them need to take their safety seriously – as well as that of others they may encounter.

While there are state laws governing these vehicles, many localities have their own regulations. Individual communities or properties may have their own rules as well.

What kind of regulations apply to these vehicles and those who operate them?

Under Ohio law, drivers of both golf carts and LSVs must have a valid driver’s license. The vehicles must be registered and insured. Because they’re considered motor vehicles under state law, driving them while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is illegal. No one should be using their phone or texting while driving one of these vehicles, either.

There are limits regarding operating them on public roads. However, even within private properties they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. They can weigh several thousand pounds and go up to 25 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, people who don’t drive one of these vehicles regularly as part of their job too often don’t take them seriously. It’s wise not to get in one unless the person driving it is experienced with it, unimpaired and is conscientious about everyone’s safety.

Too often, however, you don’t find out that they’re neither of those things until it’s too late. If you’re walking or biking in the area, it’s only too easy to suddenly become the victim of a careless, reckless or impaired driver. They’re supposed to yield to pedestrians, but they don’t always do that.

Lack of protection can result in serious injuries

If you suffered injuries in a collision caused by someone driving one of these vehicles, don’t underestimate how serious the injuries could be. Whether you were struck by the vehicle or were inside when it overturned or crashed, you were largely unprotected. 

Remember that you have the same right to seek compensation as you would if you were involved in a crash with a car or truck. Having legal guidance can help you get the compensation to which you’re entitled.