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Common causes of semitruck crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Serious Personal Injury

Semitruck crashes are devastating events that can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries for the victims. These big rigs are large and heavy, so they can easily crush smaller vehicles. 

When someone suffers an injury in a semitruck crash, they will likely need medical care, which comes at an expense. This may lead to a compensation claim, which requires the complainant to list defendants in the case. Determining who to name depends on the cause of the crash

Trucker errors

Truckers must be in a suitable condition to drive a semitruck. Distractions, impairment and fatigue are three primary errors that can lead to crashes. Aggressive driving is another serious trucker error that might occur. These actions include things like speeding or changing lanes without warning. 

Other drivers

Other drivers must ensure they’re driving safely around these massive vehicles. Actions, such as a cutting off the semitruck or slamming on their brakes in front of the rig can lead to crashes. Ideally, other drivers will stay out of the semitruck’s “no zone” areas.

Tight deadlines and lax training

Trucking companies must ensure truckers are properly trained and have ample time to make their deliveries safely. Tight deadlines don’t empower truckers to rest as necessary so they may become fatigued. Lax training doesn’t allow the truckers to have the ability to make safe decisions. 

The time for filing a semitruck crash is limited by state law. Because of this, the injured victims may opt to work with someone familiar with these matters so they can focus on healing while they’re representative handles the legal case.