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Has the insurance carrier acted in bad faith?

It can be very frustrating dealing with an insurance company after any sort of car accident. However, the frustration can reach a boiling point when a Toledo resident or his loved one has suffered a serious injury or has died as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

In addition to the emotional pain, such tragic circumstances leave Ohio families in dire financial circumstances as they struggle to pay medical and other bills and also try to make up for lost income. While some delays are inevitable, a family really suffers when an insurance company takes months or even years to resolve what really is a straightforward matter.

On a related point, sometimes insurance companies or even the individuals who work for them are tempted to run the clock or even come up with flimsy reasons to deny legitimate claims. This tactic can force consumers in to taking a settlement for far less than what they deserve.

Fortunately, Ohio has laws which protect those who have to deal with insurance companies from these sorts of underhanded behaviors.

While some of these laws result in fines to the insurance company, some violations may be a reason for an injured person to allege the carrier has acted in bad faith. The benefit of a bad faith claim is that allows a victim to pursue additional compensation for her time and trouble in dealing with the insurance company.

The compensation can include an award of reasonable attorney fees. When an insurance carrier has acted flagrantly in violation of the law, punitive damages may even be available.

If a victim of an accident feels frustrated by dealing with the insurance company, and she suspects that the company might not be meeting its legal obligation, she can consider available options.