This blog recently discussed the serious nature of workplace injuries. It is essential for injured workers in Ohio to be familiar with the legal resources available to them when they have been harmed in a workplace accident or suffered harm because of an occupational illness.

Workers’ compensation benefits in Ohio include benefits for medical care which may be one of the primary concerns facing injured workers and their families. Medical expenses that may be covered can include hospital costs, doctor’s visits, medication and other medical expenses. In addition, injured workers may receive other types of relief in the form of wage replacement benefits. Wage loss benefits may be available to injured workers who suffer a reduction in their earnings as a result of the injury they suffered on-the-job.

Benefits may also be available to help injured workers with disability including temporary total disability, permanent partial disability and permanent total disability. Temporary total disability is designed to compensate the injured worker for total disability suffered for a short period of time. Permanent partial disability is designed to compensate the injured workers for permanent partial disability even if they are able to return to work. Permanent total disability is designed to compensate injured workers who are unable to perform any type of work because of a workplace injury they have suffered.

Lastly, death benefits may be available to dependents when a loved one has died in a fatal workplace accident. Being injured on-the-job can be difficult for injured workers and their families which is why familiarity with workers’ compensation and how it works can be valuable.