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Collision in Ohio leaves motorcyclist dead, passenger injured

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

As much as it may sound like common sense, drivers on the roads in Ohio and throughout the country need to be attentive about the presence of other vehicles on the roads. That includes motorcycles. Yes, motorcycles are obviously smaller vehicles with smaller profiles and, therefore, may be harder to see at times, but that is no excuse for drivers to let their attention slip.

According to a recent report, that may be exactly what happened in a collision that occurred in the afternoon hours on May 16 in Mecca Township, which is just east of Cleveland. The reports indicate that the collision occurred on SR 46 and involved an 87-year-old woman driver, who was traveling southbound in a car, and a 53-year-old motorcyclist. The motorcyclist also had a passenger with him, a 48-year-old woman. It appears that as the two vehicles were headed in opposite directions the 87-year-old woman attempted a turn into a private drive, colliding with the motorcycle.

As our readers in Ohio can probably imagine, the results of this car-motorcycle accident were tragic for the motorcyclist and his passenger. The reports indicate that both were transported for medical treatment, but that the motorcyclist died of his injuries. His passenger was in critical condition in the immediate aftermath of the wreck. The driver of the car was not injured.

All too often, motorcyclists in Ohio are struck by vehicles driven by people who simply didn’t see the smaller vehicle. However, failure to maintain attention to surroundings on the road can be a form of negligence. Any motorcyclists or their passengers who have been injured in a collision with another motor vehicle may have a solid legal claim to attempt to pursue financial compensation.