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What should you do after seeing a motorcycle accident?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists, given their general lack of protection, can face serious injuries from negligent motorists. There are several ways to help if one of your fellow riders is injured or you witness a motorcycle accident.

Safety is most important. Stop where you are not in the way of first responders who will provide emergency care. Park out of the way of approaching vehicles to avoid other collisions and turn on your hazard lights. Before approaching, look around the accident scene to assure that it is safe.

Call 9-1-1 immediately and before attempting to provide aid so that first responders can arrive without delay. Provide a clear description of the scene and how many people suffered injuries. You can also ask someone else to call but make that request clearly to a specific person.

If you have proper medical training, directly attend to the injured cyclist. Do not move victims unless they are facing life-threatening dangers such as a fire or spilled fuel which may ignite. Moving victims can aggravate spinal injuries, broken bones, and other injuries. Even if you do not have any medical training, you should furnish any first aid supplies to qualified bystanders who are providing care.

Do not remove the injured cyclist’s helmet because this can aggravate a spinal injury. You may open the visor to make it easier to complicate and lessen claustrophobia.

Accident victims are probably frightened and vulnerable. You should try to reassure them that help is coming and speak calmly and confidently.

Without overloading the victims with questions, try to get important information that can help emergency personnel such as their consciousness level, blood type, drug allergies, medical information and contact information for family members. This will be helpful if the victim becomes unconscious.

There are other ways to help. Make the roadway safe by placing road flares or cones or use a flashlight to signal approaching traffic.

You can gather information that can help the police or the victim in a lawsuit. Take comprehensive photographs or video of the scene. Seek contact information for witnesses and write down license plate numbers. Never chase the driver who caused a hit and run accident.

Victims of these accidents may face terrible injuries, expensive medical bills, and other losses. An attorney can help the take legal action against a negligent or reckless driver.