Success Comes From
Personalized Solutions

Success Comes From Personalized Solutions

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Fighting For The Compensation Ohioans Deserve

For over 40 years, Johnson & Associates has been a top personal injury law firm for everyone in Ohio. From Columbus to Cleveland and Toledo to Cincinnati, we have built a reputation for thorough, respected work.

We understand the laws of Ohio and how to pursue compensation for various car accidents. We serve everyday people across the state who simply want to get on with their lives after an accident. We listen to our clients’ injury problems and fight for what they deserve.

What Can Johnson & Associates Do For You?

Our team of experienced attorneys can educate you on the legal process surrounding your injury recovery. We have the legal skills to answer your questions and the practical experience to help you through this. Additionally, we have experience in all aspects of motor vehicle accidents, including:

  • Train accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Trucking accidents
  • Pedestrian injuries

If you are the victim of negligence behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you may deserve compensation. The problem is the insurance company – simply to save money at your expense – will likely deny you and delay you at every turn. They will try to discourage you.

We will make sure your voice is heard. We will advocate for you in negotiations with the insurance company and a courtroom if necessary.

If You’re Injured In Ohio, Contact Us

Whether you are an Ohio resident or just injured while visiting the state, we can help you. We are regularly in the courtrooms of Ohio and know how to build compelling cases. We have the respect of our peers and a reputation for successful, comprehensive service.

Reach out to our office in Toledo by phone at 419-455-1245 or send us an email. We will schedule a meeting to discuss your case and help you know what your next steps should be.