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Stay safe on your motorcycle with these tips

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2020 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders must take precautions to avoid dangerous auto accidents. Bikers are significantly more likely to suffer serious injuries in a collision than those riding in a car or SUV. 

Follow these Ohio safety rules and recommendations the next time you hit the highway on two wheels. 

Traffic laws

The state requires motorcyclists to follow the same laws that apply to other motorists. However, you may ride between lanes or ride side-by-side with another biker in the same lane. 

Operating instructions

Abiding by the speed limit lowers accident risk. You should also keep your distance from other vehicles and maintain visibility to drivers at all times. Stay out of blind spots and provide plenty of stopping distance when traveling behind a car. Be especially careful when entering intersections on your motorcycle. Most bike and car collisions occur at a traffic light or stop sign. 

Appropriate gear

Ohio requires helmets only for riders younger than 18 or with less than a year of driving experience. However, wearing a helmet that fits correct can significantly reduce your chances of suffering a traumatic brain injury. Motorcycle gloves, boots, and denim or leather pants and long sleeves will help protect the rest of your body. 

Rider education

Completing a rider education course with DOT approval can help you prepare to safely operate a motorcycle. You should also practice in various weather conditions on quiet streets before riding on heavily trafficked highways. 

Whether you use your motorcycle to commute every day or just for fun on the weekends, keeping these safety strategies in mind may help you avoid a catastrophic injury. 

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