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What can cause drowsy truck driving?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Because large trucks can cause devastating injury in an accident, truck drivers should be as alert as possible to prevent collisions on the road. Given that some truckers go for long drives on highways in Ohio and into other states, it is possible for truck drivers to experience fatigue after a while.

A fatigued trucker is less likely to pay attention to the outside world. Worse, the driver may fall asleep and veer into a collision. The National Safety Council explains different factors that may contribute to a drowsy trucker.

Lack of sleep

Truck drivers may only get a couple of hours of sleep between shifts, which is often not enough to provide proper refreshment. Even after a brief rest, a trucker is likely to feel tired again after a short while. The National Sleep Foundation suggests that sleeping for at least seven hours should allow for sufficient rest.

Continuous driving

Some truckers feel the pressure to make a route in the shortest amount of time. This could be dangerous if a truck driver does not get any rest along the way. Making a stop every couple of hours could offer enough relief to help a trucker stay alert for the rest of the trip. In some instances, truckers stop to catch a nap, so they do not risk falling asleep behind the wheel.

Traveling during unusual periods

If you have a long and active night when you are usually awake during the day, you will probably feel fatigued and have problems concentrating as the evening progresses. This same problem can affect truck drivers. Truckers that choose night shifts might not adjust their sleeping schedules to sleep during the day. This abrupt shift in active hours could result in inattentive and fatigued driving.

In the event you experience a collision with a big truck, the truck driver may be responsible due to insufficient sleep or just carelessness. However, depending on the circumstances, other parties could bear liability for causing an accident and injury.