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Reasons why intersections are dangerous for motorcycles

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Riding in the open air is the main appeal of driving a motorcycle. However, the motorcycle experience also comes with added risks of injury or even death from collisions with other drivers who may not be watching for smaller vehicles.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, intersections pose special danger for motorcyclists. Knowing why intersections are unsafe environments for motorcycles may help you practice more defensive driving.

Vehicle blind spots

The smaller profile of a motorcycle makes it easy to enter the blind spot of an automobile. If another driver does not see you right away, the motorist may not think to make a more thorough check before making a turn or crossing into another lane.

When it comes to intersections, this lack of attentiveness can be particularly hazardous. The NHTSA explains that in 41% of deadly motorcycle crashes, the motorcycle drove straight but another vehicle collided with it by turning left into its path, by trying to pass into the lane of the motorcycle, or while pulling ahead of another automobile.

Ignorance of motorcycle functions

Even if another driver sees you, the other motorist might not understand how your motorcycle works. As a result, the driver might not react properly to avoid a crash.

For example, larger vehicles signal they are slowing down through brake lights. By contrast, many motorcyclists downshift their bikes or decrease the throttle to reduce speed. Since these actions do not activate signal lights, a nearby driver might not know to slow down.

It is true that other drivers should be responsible and check for smaller vehicles. Still, motorcyclists who practice caution in intersections and elsewhere might prevent the worst outcome.