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What to do immediately after a golf cart accident

Golf is a popular sport. For many, it is a year-round passion during which business deals, partnerships and friendships are made. For a select few, it is a sport that takes them all to the best golf courses worldwide.

Unfortunately, golf cart accidents are not uncommon, even among good golfers. Carts can pose a series of risks because while they seem like small, harmless vehicles, they can be heavy, weighing up to 1,500 pounds.

A fully loaded cart can weigh as much as a small car. Without knowing the potential harm these vehicles can cause, people tend to be less careful while driving them.

Children are involved in approximately one-third of golf cart accidents – triple the number of crashes in adults- and traumatic brain injuries are one of these prevalent injuries resulting from golf cart crashes, which makes them even more dangerous.

Who is liable for a golf cart crash?

Many factors go into answering the question of who is liable, such as who is driving the cart, whether the driver or a passenger was acting irresponsibly or recklessly, the age of the driver, and the conditions of the carriage itself and the golf course.

Just like any other vehicle, golf carts must have regular maintenance and carry the necessary warnings, so people understand the risks involved in driving golf carts. Proper signage on the golf course is also a consideration to consider when considering liability.

What do I do after a golf cart accident?

  • Seek medical attention and call 911
  • Notify the golf club/location and gather evidence
  • Seek legal counsel if appropriate

There are many cases in which legal counsel is critical as soon as possible after the accident, when your memory is fresh, and you can recall more details about the accident.

Why could I need a lawyer?

If you are in a golf cart accident and are injured, you could sustain long-lasting injuries, some which could be life-threatening, that can affect you for a long time. You could be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills, loss of wages and in certain cases, pain and suffering.

Like cars, golf carts also pose a risk for those who drive them. It is important to understand the risks before choosing to drive one or allowing one of your children, for example, to get on a cart, without fully understanding the risks involved, how to prevent injuries from taking place and knowing what to do if there is an accident.