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What are the effects of concussions caused by collisions?

Whether minor or severe, motor vehicle accidents can generate enough force to cause concussions. This traumatic brain injury happens when the impact makes your brain move within your skull. These motions may induce chemical shifts in the brain or damage cells, resulting in various symptoms manifesting emotionally, mentally and physically.

Mild concussions often improve over time. However, severe cases usually require extensive screenings and tests to detect various health issues. Aside from pain and other physically apparent symptoms, concussions could lead to health conditions affecting the following aspects of your well-being:

  • Learning impediments
  • Memory loss
  • Inability to concentrate or focus
  • Problem-solving issues

If your concussions trigger these conditions, you may require specific treatments and therapy to recover fully. Health care providers often refer severe cases for specialized treatment and rehabilitation. These methods might be necessary to help you obtain skills to become independent, socialize with others and participate within the community.

Unfortunately, recovery could depend on various factors, including the injury’s severity, your body’s condition and access to appropriate treatments. Healing from these traumatic brain injuries can be arduous, requiring significant resources. Patients might also face challenges if they lack the emotional support to soldier on.

Seeking compensation for a full recovery

Mild concussions may require little to no medical intervention. On the other hand, severe cases might need extensive medical care. These traumatic brain injuries might rack up excessive medical bills that are too much for you to afford.

Sometimes, you have no choice but to pursue compensation to cover your expenses. If someone else’s recklessness led to your injury, you could file a claim for the accident. Doing so can help you get the necessary medical attention to recover fully.

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