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This is the most dangerous motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

All motorcycle crashes are dangerous, but some pose a greater risk than others. One of the most common and most hazardous is known as the left turn accident.

It’s important to note that, in this context, it refers to when another driver is making the left turn. The motorcyclist isn’t attempting to turn and is driving straight, as they approach the other vehicle. But then the driver of that vehicle, rather than yielding the right of way, makes the turn and cuts off the motorcycle. This leads to a very dangerous crash where the bike collides with the side of the vehicle at high speeds.

Why can’t the motorcyclist avoid the crash?

Motorcyclists in this situation often have very few options to try to avoid the crash. It happens quickly, so they don’t have space to brake. They can’t swerve to the left, where the oncoming traffic lanes are, or to the right, where the other vehicle is traveling.

Why do drivers make this mistake?

There are numerous reasons for this mistake, such as distracted driving or impaired driving. But most often, the issue is just that drivers don’t see motorcycles. They may not look for them at all. They may look for them but not see them due to their small size. In some cases, drivers will see a motorcycle, but they will just think that it is moving slowly or that is far away when it is actually much closer than they believe.

These accidents can lead to fatalities and serious, life-changing injuries. Those who have been hurt by the negligence of others need to know how to seek financial compensation.